The Tadoba Is spreaded in 327m above sea level. This place has a tropical climate. The summers here have an amazing deal of rainfall, whereas the winters are very little. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Aw. The average temperature in Tadoba is 26.6 °C | 79.9 °F. The rainfall here is around 1388 mm | 54.6 inch per year.

Winters stretch from November to February and day temperatures is between 25°-30°C and the Tadoba forest looks lush green and beautiful after rainy season. During the Jungle safari in Tadoba National park one can experience and enjoy the pleasant weather. Summers are too hot in Tadoba as the temperature increases to 47°C; still it is the ideal time to sight wildlife in Tadoba near water bodies. The chances of wild sightings increase during summer. Open jeep safaris in Tadoba are thrilling in any season. The monsoon breaks in June with heavy rainfall of approx.1275 mm. and humidity is around 66%. Above are the details on the weather in Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

The best time to visit Tadoba and sight a Tiger during Jungle safari in Tadoba is between March to May as in summer the temperature is extremely high specifically in the month of May. The monsoon begins from June to September and Vegetation and insect life come alive with the arrival of monsoon in mid June. Partial entry gates are open in Tadoba and partial are closed during monsoon. Jungle safaris in Tadoba Tiger Reserve are operational through out the year in few entry gates. Post monsoon Park starts from October to November, which means all the entry gates are open for tourists and jungle safari. This is also the best time to visit Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary as you will feel refreshing experiencing the lush green jungle sprawled with flowers. Winter season begins from Mid November to February, though temperature remains quite warm during the day even in these months due to the tropical climate.

Tadoba Lake

The Lake is a paradise of bird watchers, situated amidst Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is home to around 200 species of birds like the Indian pitta, white-eyed buzzard, paradise flycatcher, Indian roller, and orange-headed ground thrush flock near the lake. Located towards the southwest part of the reserve, this lake acts as a buffer between the forest of the park and the farmland which extends up to Irai water reservoir. It’s a perennial source of water offering good habitat for the Muggar crocodiles to flourish. Around 195 species of birds with three endangered species are found here. The Crested Serpent Eagle, The Grey-headed Fish Eagle, and the Changeable Hawk-Eagle are few names of raptors existing here. During the visit to Tadoba National park, while on jungle safari in Tadoba one must visit this lake.

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