Do’s & Don’ts during Jungle Safari

Abide by these rules; Non Obedience will lead to legal action.

  • Creating noises by the use of transistor tape-record or blowing horn or similar equipment is prohibited.
  • Mobile phone is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Lifting of any forest produce-plants or animal article inside the protected area is prohibited.
  • Teasing of wild animals, feeding them or chasing them is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • To ensure the safety of wild animals’ speed limit of 20 kmph is decided for the tourist vehicles in case of speeding please inform to the park management.
  • Maintain silence and discipline during safari, Misconduct, Indiscipline or shouting is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Before entering the Protection Area must read the information/instruction displayed on the signages at the entry gate and follow them.
  • Always enter the Protected areas with valid permit and valid ID (Adhar Card, Passport, Driving License, Pan Card, Voter Id, ant other ID issued by Central or State Govt, I card issued by school/College).
  • It is compulsory to take authorised park guide with every tourist vehicle, Obey the park guide.
  • Please don’t get down from the vehicle, until advised by the park guide.
  • To carry and use of Tobacco in any form, inflammable articles etc is prohibited.
  • Use of and to carry alcohol, and entering in intoxicated condition is prohibited.
  • To carry arms ammunition and explosive etc. Is prohibited.
  • Littering is prohibited.
  • To carry pets inside the protected area is prohibited.
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